Solar Pumps in Kenya

Solar Pumps in Kenya

Solar pumps are electric pumps that use energy from the sun that is generated by photovoltaic solar panels. Solar pumps can be used for a range of applications, such as pumping water from a borehole, manually dug well, river, dam, or a lake. Also, solar pumps can be used to pump water for domestic use, commercial irrigation, or any other type of water pumping application.

With regard to their capacity, solar pumps can pump water in large volumes with gigantic capacities of over 500 cubic meters per hour and a total pumping head/ height of over 200 meters. The pumps operate throughout the day as long as there is visible light. Solar pumps operate even in the absence of direct sunlight, but their operation is not optimum.

Solar pumps have three main components, the solar array, the pump itself, and the controller that converts direct current generated by solar panels to either single phase or three phase alternating current. In a borehole or a manually dug well, the solar pumps operate from within the well, and as such, they are referred to as submersible solar pumps. On the other hand, if the solar pump is used to pump water from a river or any other water body with water that is level with the ground surface, a surface solar pump is used.

Since submersible solar pumps are immersed in water, they need to be protected from rusting. Hence, a sacrificial anode is used to prevent oxidization of the steel parts.

Solar pumps come with a warranty that range from 1 to 2 years while the solar panels have considerably longer warranties.

Solar pumps are advantageous because they operate silently as opposed to diesel pumps that are noisy. In addition, solar pumps to not require manual operation since they are fitted with float switches that switch off the pump once the storage tank is full. Furthermore, a water level sensor in the well protects the solar pump from dry running, which can damage the motor. Other accessories, such as the sun switch turn on the solar pump once ample sunlight is available and turn it off when solar radiation goes below a certain threshold.

Most importantly, solar water pumps do not require fuel input as opposed to diesel pumps; hence, their operational costs are negligible.

At Greenready Energy  we design and install budget and premium solar pumps for all types of application ranging from domestic, irrigation, and other commercial application.

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The images below show examples of both surface and submersible solar water pumps.

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    • greenready Reply

      Thanks. Those are nice products. please send us the catalogue for your solar water pumping inverters.

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  • Ajay Verma Reply

    Solar water pumps are very beneficial to all the farmers as this can help them increase their productions and make a profit. I think that use of solar pumps should be increased in different application areas as it has many benefits like easy installation, low maintenance, reduced cost and many more. Keep sharing such posts.

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    • greenready Reply

      Hello Ajay. We agree, solar pumps are the future of water pumping.

      July 29, 2018 at 2:51 pm

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